Incredible India - An Insight

INDIA – the very name conjures images of vibrant colours, mysticism, royalty; an amalgam of religions, a kaleidoscope of art and culture, all of which find expression in the beautiful temples, sculptures and monuments. India is undoubtedly one of the most diverse nations in the world. It is a land of credible paradoxes and yet underlying the contrasts, there are patterns of continuity, an indefinable essence that is quintessentially Indian.

Much of India's fascination perhaps lies in the fact that it is both a young nation and an ancient country rolled into one where past and present coexist in a beautiful mosaic. A land of myriad images, the Indian subcontinent takes you from the towering snow capped Himalayas to the great Indo-Gangetic plains, the blazing Thar desert to the placid backwaters of Kerala, the enchanting walking trails of Mashobra to the sapphire blue seas and miles of golden beaches of Goa. Travelling through the country is not just a journey but an experience of a lifetime. The rich tapestry that is India cannot be captured in a single word or expression. At times unbelievable, at times overwhelming and always Incredible!

For a first time visitor, India can be overwhelming at first, but she gradually unfolds her rare delights. You may find it in the centuries old temples, tombs and forts, in the exquisite crafts still made in traditional ways, in the riot of colours and aromas of its bazaars or in the sudden glimpses of its serene beauty that filters through the hustle and bustle of daily life. To explore India is to discover unending secrets to the mystery of life, to enjoy India is to celebrate the very fact of quintessential living.

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Every holiday is different, each traveller unique. Cox & Kings believes that each journey then should be as distinct as its destination, as singular as its participant and each experience we create is based on this overriding philosophy.

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Experiences by Cox & Kings allow you to unveil the Indian Subcontinent you choose. She will embrace you...

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The MAHARAJA Golf Challenge, 2019

The MAHARAJA Golf Challenge, 2019

Join golfers from all over the world and participate in The MAHARAJA Golf Challenge, 2019 in INDIA!

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Introducing TUTC, 'The Ultimate Travelling Camp'

The Ultimate Travelling Camp brings you the perfect combination of a nomadic lifestyle with all the accoutrements of a super-luxury stay.

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Cox & Kings is participating in the various upcoming trade fairs like LTM - Luxury Travel Mart, IFTM, Top Resa, WTM - World Travel Market, London and many more

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Cox & Kings, the world’s longest established travel company, has seen a remarkable journey since its inception by Richard Cox, Colonel of the First Foot Guards (Grenadier Guards), in May 1758, unfolding the unexplored treasures of the Indian Subcontinent. From taking cautious steps in unknown terrain to becoming the subcontinent's one-stop travel solutions provider, Cox & Kings has witnessed astonishing stories of enterprise and numerous... Read more

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