As the oldest travel company on the planet, Cox & Kings believes in going the extra mile in the promotion, adoption and spread of tourism and travel that is sustainable and responsible. Our vast network gives us the unprecedented reach and opportunity to directly touch the lives of the communities we work with. Our 1400 staff members are happy to be involved in our causes and contribute cheerfully with their time and effort as well as contributing financially to make each endeavor successful. We believe that as a destination management company it is our mandate to leave any area we go to richer than we found it, and we will gladly go the extra mile to fulfill this mandate. Our concerns relate to our planet, its ecology, wildlife, resources and its people, especially children and women, and we support and coordinate several projects for each of these vital areas independently as well as with other government and non-government organizations, each a leader in their field of service.

We would be absolutely delighted if our guests join us in the various activities and contributions we are involved in. It would be a heart-warming experience that you would recall for years with a proud smile. ....come lets go the extra mile.