Cox & Kings actively supports, contributes and helps organizations in the field of child welfare and health.

Worldwide, 70 to 90% children can be cured of cancer, if detected early. To help achieve the same goal in India, Cox & Kings supports 'CanKids..Kidscan' which provides the best possible services to children with cancer, and their traumatised families, right from diagnosis, through treatment, into survivorship, or relapse, palliation and bereavement support. Keenly aware that cancer causes more than just physical suffering, 'CanKids..Kidscan' also gives emotional and socio-economic support to the affected children and their families. It helps reintegrate patients into society and ensures continuous medical care.

We are deeply associated with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of India (MAKWF), which is dedicated towards granting wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions. Through this we try and give these children experiences that they thought belong only in their dreams.

We support Magic Bus Foundation, which works with children living in some of the most marginalized circumstances in the world. The Foundation develops local community mentors who take children and youth living in poverty on the journey from childhood to livelihood by using sports and activity based learning.

Cox & Kings supports Commited Communities Development Trust (CCDT), a Voluntary Trust working extensively with families affected or at the risk of HIV/AIDS. Two Crisis Intervention Centres (CIC's) have been set up by CCDT to ensure the protection of orphans and vulnerable children.

Project Nanhi Kali, a non- governmental organization which aims at providing primary education to underprivileged girls in India between grades II to VI, has received from us a commitment for the education of 200 girls from 2013 to 2017. The funds are used in academic support and help provide uniforms, stationery and hygiene material to these girls.

BeBook, Goa, is a mobile library that helps spread the practice and Cox & Kings support culture of reading amongst underprivileged children. The children have received the library with great enthusiasm and efforts are on to expand its reach.

Associating ourselves with the Think Foundation, Cox & Kings provides support in organizing blood donation and platelet donation camps along with providing facilities for testing children for Thalassemia Minor and Major. Emergency and holistic treatment of Thalassemic children is also provided.

Our association with Muskan Foundation, an NGO intended to provide a spectrum of customized services ranging from early intervention, education, therapy, counselling and MDVI awareness. Out association has benefitted many families through teacher training fee sponsorship and purchase of Customized Cerebral Palsy Wheelchairs. We have enabled training to the children with special needs in all the three areas namely cognitive, social and motor. Multiple therapies like Vision Rehabilitation, Occupational, Physiotherapy, Sensory Integration and Speech therapy for many children have taken place in the year 2015-2016.

Cox & Kings Foundation has been collaborating with the Mamta Trust in spreading the right education in Pune. The Pune School has had 63 eager young minds, learning to read, write and do arithmetic at a pretty pace in the year 2015-16.

With the help of Cox & Kings in association with Ojus Medical Institute, more than 800 children in the age group of 6-18 years are benefiting from nutritional supplementation of 100 Kcal through boiled egg on daily basis.

We would be absolutely delighted if our guests join us in the various activities and contributions we are involved in. It would be a heart-warming experience that you would recall for years with a proud smile. ....come lets go the extra mile.