Cox & Kings in an attempt to give back to the villages of India is promoting journeys and home stays off the beaten track to these peaceful, lush green locales. Believing and understanding that the simplicity of village life must be preserved, guests can experience the true warmth and affection of life in a village and of being close to the land. They can partake of the daily lives of their hosts, as well as their various arts, crafts, music, cuisine, culture and tribal ethnicity, which are in danger of being lost to the big city dream, while knowing that they are actively contributing to the preservation of village life and its rich heritage and culture.

We support 'Culture Aangan', a social enterprise dedicated to grass root developmental projects in the sectors of rural tourism, traditional arts and women empowerment. Culture Aangan is setting up holiday locations across the country that will provide visitors village home stays and the opportunity to be close to the land. At present there are two active locations; Sindhudurg, near Goa, in Maharashtra and Pali, Rajasthan.

Our association with Pragati Pratishthan, an NGO, strives towards collective integrated development in Jawhar Tahsil. Facilitating Drip Irrigation system will lead to estimated 80 farming families do another round of farming after the rainy season thus giving them income in non-monsoon seasons and making food, education for kids and healthcare for all possible. The villages that are benefitted because of the drip irrigation are Khadadipada, Mendhichapada, Akre (Aambyachapada) and Pimpalpada. A farm pond is being constructed at Thaparpada village, which will help various families fetch water living here. The construction of farm ponds will make water available that will act as a buffer in non-monsoon seasons.

We would be absolutely delighted if our guests join us in the various activities and contributions we are involved in. It would be a heart-warming experience that you would recall for years with a proud smile. ....come lets go the extra mile.