India is a vibrant country, driven in large part by its dynamic youth. Unfortunately, a significant number of these potential power-performers lack the means and resources to be a part of the great Indian dream and are languishing on the fringes of our society in obscurity and poverty.

Cox & Kings actively supports 'Manzil', a dynamic organization helping our underprivileged youth. The aim is to uplift our sidelined youth, first by giving them love and instilling courage and then making them confident and disciplined by expanding their employable skills, supporting their creative expression and cultivating their active citizenship. The entire process is handled gently and takes place not through an impersonal, faceless institution, but in an atmosphere resembling that of a large family and within the embrace of friendship and trust. A significant portion of our corporate gifting is sourced from 'Craftkari', a subsidiary of 'MANZIL', where exquisitely handcrafted products are made from recycled materials.

Closely associated with the non-government organization, Om Creations Trust, Cox & Kings helps support mentally and physically challenged underprivileged women. With patience and care, they are imparted skill-sets and training in various fields like handicraft, cookery and other cottage industries which makes them productive and earning members of society. We also help organize special events and fetes to help them sell their products, like gifting bags, trays, soaps, chocolates, travelling kits, handicrafts etc, which they would normally not be able to find markets and buyers for easily.

Cox & Kings in association with Ojus Medical Institute provides sustainable solutions in the areas of women empowerment, child health and education, amongst others. Working towards improving the life of the poorest and most vulnerable and stigmatized communities in India and empowers them to improve their own conditions, helping them to get their entitlements. Around 300 women and young girls were empowered with skills, education certificates were given to them, which will help them be employed. Receiving the certificates has given the women immense confidence to go forward and seek for healthy livelihood in the community. These women and young girls get education on microfinance, health, nutrition, and ‘Swach Bharat Abhyan’. Around 60% of students have started earning 500-1000/- within 3-6 month of passing the course. A new book on tailoring course, which gives out meticulous details of learning the skill has been launched as a study material to the women.

We are proudly associated with Maa Bhagwati Vikas Sansthan (MBVS-A life saving movement) Udaipur, working towards saving girl child, abandoned child, stopping female foeticide, reducing infant mortality rate, eradicating malnutrition and spreading healing power of Yoga since 2005. Through the sponsorship offered year after year, Maheshaashram has been enabled to give the right support to lend a new life to the abandoned kids. Twenty-three kids were saved from being abandoned. Out of these 23 kids, nine have been given free adoption. The milk bank has also reaped success by making 19338 units of milk available with the help of 2543 mothers. It also helped 1543 mothers who lactate but cannot feed. In all 1543 kids were benefitted through the milk bank. Bhavika, eight-year-old, has been suffering from the rare disorder of precocious puberty – a condition in which breasts, bones and organs of a child grow as that of an adult. She needs an injection of Leuprolide Depot every month until she turns 18 year old. The foundation has been sponsoring the medical needs of Bhavika and will do it until she recuperates fully. She is doing exceptionally well in her studies and leading a normal life due to timely medical intervention.

We would be absolutely delighted if our guests join us in the various activities and contributions we are involved in. It would be a heart-warming experience that you would recall for years with a proud smile. ....come lets go the extra mile.