Cox & Kings is proud of its association with the best resident travel experts in the business. Our experts don’t just know their destinations really, really well...their passion brings every journey alive. In addition to providing guests with relevant background information, as detailed or general as preferred, our travel experts accompany guests on their tour of the Indian Subcontinent as friendly guides, explaining the local way of life, customs and issues in a way that a guidebook never could. The presence of an experienced travel expert, with exceptional knowledge of the local system, the language and the people, serves to surmount any unpredictable situation, thus making journeys smooth, enjoyable and trouble-free. Our friendly experts, who love their mythology, history and folklore, brilliantly weave incidents and anecdotes into their narratives, resulting in a thoroughly exhilarating experience.

Meet our Indian subcontinent travel specialists:

Madhav Das Rathore
Madhav Das Rathore Madhav has travelled the Indian Subcontinent extensively. Born in an iconic family of Rajasthan - a direct descendant of Rao Dudha, the fourth son of Rao Jodha, the founder of Jodhpur - he has a special fondness for India’s dramatic landscapes. Read More
Sandhya Harendra
Sandhya Harendra Sandhya has a passion for Indian art and architecture, and guides her guests through high-calibre tours, adding insight into the social, cultural and philosophical perspectives that reflect the unique Indian way of life. She's a natural tour guide with Read More
Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma Ritu, our India Expert, a knowledgeable and sensitive individual, has travelled extensively through India, Nepal and Bhutan. Knowledge of the local languages and understanding of the Indian culture make her the consummate guide for travel to this Read More