At Trip 360° life begins just outside your comfort zone. Across dirt tracks and dusty pathways, sweating it out on a hike, diving into the deep blue, or sailing to some of the most amazing places on the planet, enjoy most planet-friendly ways to transport yourself. The trips are Safe, Sustainable and Social and are bound to challenge your senses, while giving you the best and most immersive range of adventures in the country.

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  • The Trip 360° Experience 
  • Tour Styles 

From ensuring that everybody in the group is a perfect match for each other to partnering with the best local operators, Trip 360° researches and creates handcrafted tours that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Local Partners

Trip 360° tied up with the best local partners to ensure that every trip goes off smoothly. These local partners know the area really well and work with strict procedures and guidelines laid down by Trip 360°.

Well Researched

The trips are works of art. A lot of research goes into finding new travel destinations that are off the beaten path. Even if you choose a well-known destination, there will always be an effort to take you to a few hidden gems and out of the way locations that will allow you to truly enjoy your experience.

The Perfect Fit

Going on a trip with a bunch of strangers can be thrilling, and it can also be exhausting if people don't get along well with each other. When you travel with Trip 360°, you don't have to worry about all that. Based on the kind of trip you're going for, you will be paired with the kind of people who share your interests and are about as physically fit as you. Every trip comes with the right mix of people, to ensure that every traveller has an enjoyable journey.

Let's Meet the Team

Fun and adventurous. That is who people at 360° are! At Trip 360, everyone loves the outdoors and everything that makes our lives animated. From leaders to product managers to the sales team, the team members live the sports that are on offer for the travellers.

Product Team

The product team are travellers, who have explored the world at an extent. They have an in-depth understanding of the countries we sell and curate adventures to. And as locals from different areas, they know what an essence of a particular place is, and how to make it an authentic experience for their travellers. Combined with the experience of our experts and guides, it becomes a team that boasts of an experience, which goes into every adventure sports ever done in the history of mankind

Operations Team

The Operations team comes with years of experience in operating and running adventure tours, be it a trek to the Everest Base Camp or a scuba dive in Maldives. They're the best ops team; from the start of your journey to the time you return, they will take good care of you and ensure your wanderlust soul finds what it seeks!

Sales Team

The Sales team comprises of a bunch of adventure enthusiasts who know what adventure travel is. They know the packages like the backs of their hand. And can match the adventure to the person and give you the best package to suit your requirements.

Tour Leaders

The tour leaders have risen from the ranks. Every trip is a new adventure for them. They are not tourists, they are the real travellers. Living with locals, making fellow travellers comfortable, trying new things on tours, making sure everyone has a great time-that's what they are best at doing!


Have you ever wondered about the world that lies at the bottom of the ocean? Filled with amazing corals and sea creatures, the underwater world is one where dimensions are inexpressible, and nothing is possible! So, take a dive into this fascinating world, and discover what lies in the deep blue sea.


Trip 360 believes that four wheels move your body, but two wheels move your soul. So fuel up on adventure with a team of experts, who have mapped out rides across miles of uncharted terrain and gorgeous landscapes. Shift gears and throttle up because we promise you'll be planning your next ride even before you've taken off your helmet.


Whether you enjoy coasting along gorgeous sandy beaches, or get high on the challenge of steep climbs and rocky roads, we've got a ride for you. The cycling tours cater to all fitness levels and all kinds of cycling, from casual and mountain biking, to road biking. Biking trails range from easy rides that allow you the luxury of stopping by roadside stalls in small towns and villages, while the challenging rides can be pretty technical. So saddle up and prepare for the ride of a lifetime!


'The mountains are calling and I must go.' How many times has this crossed your mind? Satiate your need to get up close and personal with nature, with Trip 360° tours. Witness the marvels of Mother Earth as you trek through majestic mountains and dramatic landscapes. It's time to pack your bags and get ready for a thrilling adventure!