Chronicles of Belief, History and Culture

In the shadow of one of present-day Mumbai's most prosperous neighbourhoods, Banganga can be easily called a timeless devotional hub and an oasis of tranquillity. Let our curator take you through to what is considered to be one of the holiest sites and also the oldest surviving structure in the city. With several small crumbling stone-turreted temples, the tolling bells and mantra chanting pujaris (saints) drawing devotees to worship the divine - is truly a vivid representation of the paradox of traditional life coexisting with unbridled modernisation. Get to know the many legends associated with Bangaga, one of them being that the tank emerged from a natural spring created by an arrow shot by Lord Rama (from the epic Ramayana), who rested here while on a mission to rescue his beloved wife from the demon king's abode in Lanka.