Imambara in Focus

Led by an Ace Photographer & Researcher

Standing tall and proud, echoing the grandeur and nobility of it’s creator Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, Asafi Imambara or Bara imambara was built as a symbol of benevolence and brotherhood. This 'Wonder of Age' architectural marvel appears to be single storied despite of having four stories. Discover it’s unique ethos that resonates in the Imambara's central hall which is created in a way that is devoid of any conventional pillar support. Bask in the opulence and glory of the erstwhile city of Awadh and discover the secret sagas of hidden treasures buried in the premises. Step into the labyrinth or the bhool-bhoolaiya, where the walls whisper forgotten tales of the royal Awadh. Under the usherance of your renowned photographer host capture this unique miracle of science replete with narrow galleries where light and darkness play a fascinating game.