The Palette of Water

Udaipur’s legacy of art and traditions is something that synchronises beautifully with its ethereal aura. Today, discover the unique art of painting on water called ‘Jal Sanjhi’. Though it originated in Jaipur, this art form kept fading away from the pages of history until it was revived by a family in Udaipur. Witness a painting demonstration by an expert who will narrate the story of its evolution over two hundred years. The central story of these paintings depicts the life of Krishna, a Hindu God. The process of painting is nothing less than a spectacle, which requires deft hand movements and an extreme artistic bend. The water is placed in a flat vessel and then a mix of charcoal and other secret ingredients are sprinkled over the water to keep a floating base. Once the base gets settled, stencils of Krishna are placed very carefully over water and other colours are sprinkled before lifting the stencils from the floating base only to reveal a sublime JAL SANJHI painting for you.