Painted Perfection: An Introduction to Miniature Paintings of Udaipur

Mewar miniatures, illustrating Hindu mythological themes, which incidentally a Muslim artist initiated, mark the beginning of art schools in Rajasthan. You will view some famous miniature paintings, the fine brushwork made by using natural colours obtained from vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver. Get introduced to the unique traditional techniques of miniature painting with a specialist, who will enlighten you with the use of natural pigments derived from plants and minerals. Observe the artists engrossed in various methods of grinding and mixing pigments inside beautiful shells; get to know about different brush techniques and the application of metal foils, gold work and burnishing. The use of ostentatious precious and semi precious stones and metals traditionally as well as in commissioned work in contemporary time is quite common. Gain an understanding of the intricate subject, stories associated with it and messages portrayed through this art form.