Volunteer Your Time : Village School Visit in Jaipur

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to study under a tree, or use chalk and slate, instead of pen and paper, much less a computer? Experience a day in life of kids who are less privileged but abundantly high-spirited and have an appetite for knowledge. Join the students studying in a village school located on the outskirts' of Jaipur as they go through their day.

Cox & Kings actively supports, contributes and helps organizations in the field of child welfare and health. So, set-off for a unique experience and spend some time witnessing the techniques of learning in a village. Meet and interact with the students and get to know more about the Indian education system, the hopes and dreams of young children studying there and the various modes of teaching adopted in the schools with limited means. You may also interact with the teachers to know about the major challenges these kids face and how to assist them.